Jennifer Boyle has always had a big family of horses and cats, and they’ve always lived together in harmony. But she never expected the horses and cats to become best friends — until Champy and Morris came along.

4Morris the cat was around 9 months old when his mom adopted him into her family, and he’d lived at the shelter for his entire life up until then. Since he was born into shelter life, he’d never known what it was like to have a home or any friends. He was naturally a bit overwhelmed and unsure about everything at first, until one morning, a few days after he’d been adopted, he met Champy.

“I let Morris onto my front verandah after he’d had a few days to settle in and Champy was immediately interested in him, coming up to say hello and then persisted in wanting to groom Morris,” Boyle told The Dodo. “Morris had never met a horse before, and to begin with was a bit shy, but Champy wants to make friends with everyone he meets.”